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Espoo Mansion & Historic Bridge

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Important historic mansion and very old bridge
A cache by : gozamite  (Translation : gozamite)

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Address : Kuninkaankartanontie 33, Espoo, Finland     Google maps

The road from Turku to Vyborg (Kings Road) was very important already in 13th century. Many churches, villages, mansions and tavernas were build beside the road.
Espoo Mansion is build in 1797 and the bridge little bit earlier. This vaulted stonebridge is one of the oldest in Finland.
The info-board is about 100 meters west from the bridge.

stad.com Espoo Mansion area (Open in a new window.)

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What colour is the Kings road in the info-board

Published :  05/08/2014 (d/m/y) 15:27

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