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La Terrasse San Roman

Restaurant at Alximia winery.

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Address : Km.3 the el Tigre country road (next to Rancho El Parral), Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico     Google maps

La Terrasse San Roman offers outdoor dining from Wednesday to Sunday.

On their web site they say that they "offer premier destination dining in the beautiful and verdant Valle de Guadalupe".

The restaurant is located at Alximia winery. It's an interesting place to visit even if you are not hungry. The architecture of the winery is unique and you can buy good wine to take home with you.

You might think that the architect wanted to make something that looks like a flying saucer or piece of art but the idea was to take advantage of the elements that nature provides. For example the whole building is a water collector for rainwater. It's also designed to let nature control the temperature and humidity of the barrel aging room.

The road is good and paved but the last 200 feet is dirt (please comment in the log if this changes).

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Published :  19/10/2015 (d/m/y) 11:54

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