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Göta Kanal

Route following Göta Canal
A cache by : gozamite

Found 3 times (last time was 14/07/2018 (d/m/y) )

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King Charles XIII decided that the building of the canal through Sweden had to be started after Sweden lost the war against Russia. It took 22 years to make the canal and in 26 September 1832 it was opened. Nowadays there are 34 locks in Göta Canal and it's primarily used as a tourist and recreational attraction.
For a cardriver or a motorcyclerider it's quite confusing to see a boat sailing slowly in the middle of the field!
This route follows the canal between Vättern and Vänern lakes (2 biggest lakes of Sweden).
If you want to ride over the canal you can do it many times and you will see those strange bridges over it. The bridge is actually a road build on rails and when there is a boat coming you can easily slide the road away.
The cache picture is from the southern end of this route. There is a camping area (Wassbacken) and a good place to have a break and watch the boats passing by.

Göta Canal, Wikipedia (Open in a new window.)

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Published :  22/02/2016 (d/m/y) 23:25

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