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Zwiefalten Abbey

Old abbey church with baroque interior
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Address : Hauptstraße 7, Zwiefalten, Germany     Google maps

Zwiefaltens monastery was founded in 1089. Although Zwiefalten Abbey had some special privileges, it was nevertheless the private monastery of the Counts of Achalm and the Counts of Württemberg. Abbey's church was completely rebuilt in the 18th century by abbots Augustin Stegmüller and Benedikt Mauz. The present buildings interiors represents German Baroque style and are filled with ornate chapels and gilded statues etc. High altar combines Gothic statue of the Virgin Mary (1430) and baroque additions (1750).

In 1750 the abbey got status of an independent power and was free of the rule of Württemberg. However, 1802 it was secularised and became a lunatic asylum and psychiatric hospital. Today there is also Württemberg Psychiatry Museum.

There are free motorcycle parking just outside of the front gate.

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New Liturgical Movement: http://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2010/06/zwiefalten-abbey.html#.V4U4bLiLShc

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Visit inside the church if it's open. If church is closed, is enough to admire it outside.

Published :  12/07/2016 (d/m/y) 20:40

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