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Stallhagen brewery and pub


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Address : Getavägen 196, Godby, Finland     Google maps

Microbrewery Stallhagen Ab was set up in 2004 by a group of beer enthusiasts. It currently has over 1600 shareholders. The first brewery on the Åland islands was established back in the 1850's, but Stallhagen is now Åland's only brewery, with a production site at Grelsby, 18 km from Mariehamn.

Brewery guided tours at Stallhagen can be arranged via PubStallhagen. Details of brewery tours, times and prices can be found on brewery homepage. Brewery welcomes groups all year round. The brewery tour with beer-tasting samples takes about 1½ hours; a visit with the dinner package takes about 3 hours. You should always book your visit in advance. Guided brewery tour with beer-tasting was EUR 31 per person in 2015.

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