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Ruins of the Russian built fortress
A cache by : gozamite

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Address : Sundsvägen 1586-1610, Sund, Finland     Google maps

After Sweden had lost the Finnish War of 1808–09, fought against Russia, both Åland and Finland became part of the Russian Empire. Russia began to build a fortress in Sund in 1830 in accordance with the orders of Emperor Nicholas I. Bomarsund became the biggest building in the Åland and the glory days was during the Russian rule (more information in Finnish here).
Then the Crimean War had some battles also in Åland when 12000 English soldiers attacked Bomarsund and it was conquered in august 1854. Two weeks later they blew up the fortress.
The road goes throught the fortress and the best place to see some remaining walls is in the southside of the road. The parking area is on the northside.

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Published :  09/03/2017 (d/m/y) 21:28

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