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The World's treasures on a motorcycle - www.motocaching.net

The world is full of interesting places and things worth seeing - real treasures! A motorcycle is an excellent means of transportation when it comes to exploring your world. Now, thanks to other bikers, you will be sure to find a wide range of excellent destinations for your excursions. And, of course, it's all for free!

On the motocaching.net service, i.e. within motocaching, you will get to know the best curvy roads and most interesting places to go.

It's all about riding, finding new places and sharing experiences. We're not looking for any hidden objects, even though we do talk of them as caches.

 Most of the caches include a really easy control question or it's enough to just visit the place.

Caches are classified according to three different points of view, so that you can choose the ones that suit you best. You also get up to date information from 

the comments from the bikers who already found the place.

In addition to attractions, great roads and best coffee shops, there are events where you will meet others dressed according to the same theme.

You can easily join

  • Just register on www.motocaching.net - all you need is an email address.
  • Open the general map ("Find caches / Map" menu) and check out the sites and routes.
  • Select the appropriate target, put on your helmet and set out towards new adventures.
  • After having visited the cache, mark your find on motocaching.net and perhaps thank the cache creator.

The motocaching.net pages are quite compatible with smart phones. The caches are also available to you even if you don't register.

Share your favorite place

Everyone can create new caches and provide fellow bikers with the joy of discovering them. Creating a cache doesn't require much, as long as you have in mind a place that is suitable for the ride.

If you are already familiar with the other created caches, the game is most certainly clear to you and you will easily be able to create your own caches.

To help you out, we provide comprehensive instructions and a discussion forum.